Friday, February 5, 2010

Obsession Of The Week: Uggs

I think this footwear is even more controversial than the Chanel clogs (if that's possible!?) So I'm in New Zealand (no biggie) and somehow am yet again getting drawn back in to one of my previous not so cool addictions; Uggs. New Zealand has shit loads of sheep if you didn't already know, therefore shit loads of sheepskin, therefore shit loads of shiny new uggs. Your judgement always gets clouded on hols but suddenly they look unbelievable appealing again, or is that just compared to All Blacks shirts and Maori jewellery? Either way I want. They aren't even real ones but they are sheepskin and they are much cheaper. In the end of the day they are just glorified slippers that I occasionally leave on when hungover, going to the corner shops or getting on a plane. Rationalizing yes! Although there will be no use in Australia at the peak of summer not to mention that the only other wearers of such footwear there are granny's and men. But as a holiday souvenir I can think of worse!


Sophie said...

how long ago was that pic of pammy taken i wonder?

Kitty said...

Yeh I wonder! She's such a trend setter!

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