Thursday, August 12, 2010

Camera Confusion

Soooooo I have a contax T3 camera, it is probably the best thing I have ever bought. I bought it nearly 10 years ago, they were all the rage in early 2000's and now have come around full circle. It got an amazing write up in dazed and confused and then when I saw Nick Valensi (from the strokes, my obsession then) had one I was sold! However, its sister camera the T2 is now the one to have, I want it so badly, but am I just mad?? Very similar but the T2 but has an even more retro/creamy look. I am trying to justify this to myself, its my birthday soon, the T3 has given me 10 years of joy, Alexa has one! I think it just might have to be done, also really want a yashica T4, but thats a whole new post!

I totally want to bone this girl....

Just kidding but I do totally want to be her, she is called Diane Birch, she makes music apparently. I saw her in vogue, fell in love....gonna investigate further I guess!

I really do want to bone these dudes though, Deadly serious this time! They are justice, and I am still obsessing like a 12 year old girl. Photo is by so me, Ed Bangers on hand artist, the best photos...check it! Can girls bone? I don't think so!