Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fade to Grey

Being away with my mother and listening to her debate whether its time to give up the dye and go with the grey and Chanel's haute couture show with its grey streaks has led me here. I too am considering this move but in a synthetic way of course (i'm not that old, duh!). When I started bleaching my hair at 15 (to look more like Courtney Love, argh!) sometimes they would use a silver/blue toner to make it more white and this meant a couple weeks with silver/grey hair before it washed out. I always quite liked it until a few years on a boy from my college admitted when he first saw me he thought I was hit by a car and my hair had actually turned grey, and although car crash chic was kinda in that year it wasn't what I was going for. I guess this is something perhaps better left to the young ones such as Tavi , otherwise you run the risk of doing a Kate Moss. Although I have some life and youth in me yet so might give it a whirl for old times sake.


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