Thursday, April 29, 2010

Goodbye Melbourne!!!

So this is it, I have left Melbourne. It was an amazing city that I never expected to love so much. I am gonna miss all the amazing people I met, the laid back aussie attitude, sushi rolls, op shops, solo lemon, there always being new stuff to do, sportsgirl, the summer...I could go on and on. But my adventures begin, might not get to blog so much but will put up photos at some stage.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


This is a little outrageous! Check the rest here. Kinda genius!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Not looking so cool now!

I have worn my Doc Martens twice, not painful at the time but after realised a massive blister forming, it brought back painful memories from my teenage years of wearing them and the same thing happening. Although this time, it has become badly infected. I have ended up having to go to the hospital, getting it injected and prodded at, more painful than any tattoo ever! But I love my doc's so much, but am gonna need to lay off them for a while, dammit!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wish I was there!

Only a festival like Coachella could contain so much midriff baring plus mini Chanel toting action! Agnes's and Pixie aren't looking so dainty though, on the fence about her new buzz cut but pretty nice dress! Kelly is looking uber cute, still lusting after her hair, she wears it well (and when did her boyfriend get so hot?). As for Whitney, all I can say is: Eh....Smokin! Oh Alexa I had high hopes for you, all garments are cute but thought you would bring it a bit more, maybe tomorrow? Photos by, alexa by

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Collar up

Ok so no need to say we all love the miu miu spring/summer collection, but I didn't realise until reading tavi's blog that you could just buy one of the print collars, although $190 does seem a bit pricey for a 10th of a shirt, BUT they are amazing! I am really into shirts and collars lately as is, Hmmm, I need to investigate in real life, very tempting! Photo is by Steven Meisel for italian vogue, more here.

Monday, April 12, 2010

H&M Festival Collection

Heading back to europe for summer has got me thinking about the fun/madness of the festivals, and H&M have created an gorgeous collection with 25% of each sale going to AIDS awareness projects (amazing!). I wasn't a fan of the garden collection but will mos def be hitting this one up. Also features gold headphones tents and sleeping bags, wowsers! Available in stores 20th may, more photos here.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

RIP Malcolm McLaren

Was sad today to hear Macolm McLaren has died of cancer at 64; he was quite the pioneer of a lot of things and somewhat of a punk rock mogul. Although he is most famous for managing the Sex Pistols he also had his own music career which included this classic Buffalo Gals (1983) which really brought hip hop to the
forefront in the UK. He was married to Vivienne Westwood and together they opened the very famous SEX store on the Kings Road, London, selling her punk style clothes. They had a son together who is now co-owner of Agent Provocateur.
Although he was known as an eccentric man there is no doubt he was a revolutionary of his scene; respect!


I need an IPad!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Modern Capsule Wardrobe

modern day capsule
Lately I have been thinking a lot about clothes that just seem to stick around and have become somewhat part of a modern day capsule wardrobe. I see my wardrobe as something to build on and realise some purchases have enhanced my already existing items greatly. There are also some disposable quick fix items but mostly I like to have things I feel I can wear forevs. So I hit up polyvore and put together some items which I think make good wardrobe staples. 
Blazer: this can come in many different forms, boyfriend, fitted, sequin, tweed, navy/military.
Black vest and white vest.
Plaid shirt, never ending greatness really.
Leather jacket in any of its forms.
Leggings: wet look, leather, floral, just beware of those Lindsey Lohan catastrophes!
Trench; a classic.
Cardigan; always handy for throwing over anything, belted being the cardi de jour.
Breton striped top = duh! 
High waisted skirt.
The floral dress is the new little black dress in my eyes.
Denim shorts.
Great pair of heels; I'd vote black.
Converse; I don't even own a pair of these right now but really should.
Flats, flats, flats.
Also jeans, but thats just a given! 

Things that nearly made the list:
A pea coat (navy gold buttons) 
Tshirts, mostly of the logo variety;couldn't find any decent ones on polyvore, but I can never get enough. 
A fur coat.
Biker boots or any boots for that matter.
As for accessories thats a whole new post! Any thoughts on what I have missed out?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Gonna get my nails did

I have been working myself into a tokyo frenzy the past couple days (its easing the pain of leaving melbourne!). So along my searches I ran into nail art and y'know when in rome! Here are some of my top fav's, although I could go way out; crystal embellished/hello kitty gumball madness, I will probably just opt for the more 'conservative' leopard print or cute fruit variety. Chanel logo could also be good or wouldn't miu miu bird print be amazing??

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Food Porn

Need to eat these genius cupcakes by Northern Soul Cupcakes

And these!

And MUST make these Mmmmmm!

I hope the easter bunny brings you all you wish for

Happy Easter Y'all xx