Friday, March 26, 2010

The Topshop Clog has landed

Finally here is the topshop clog (what took them so long?). Hmmm, it doesn't have the clunky-ness I would have dreamed of, but I guess more practical. Also not crazy about the buckle/strap. It must be viewed in real life asap! I am also concerned as everyone is reporting clogs are hard to wear due to lack of ankle support. I find it hard to walk in heels at the best of times, so this does concern me slightly. But they're just so great!


Rosemont said...

link Ankle support ;)
I can't decide whether or not I'm a fan of clogs yet... Either way I can't afford them, but they look fantastic on Alexa Chung!

bekster said...

I love them, would never wear them but agree with Rosemont^ totally look great on alexa, or anyone with long gorgeous legs.
plus, the colour is so nice!

Harley Wolf said...

im all over clogs right now. shame i cant actually wear them anyway due to the amount of cobblestones where i live xx

Ms. Wedgie said...

I agree with Harley Wolf here...walking in clogs on cobbles is not fun! I've twisted my ankle twice in the same of pair clogs doing that! I'm still going to but another pair when I get paid though! :)

ólöf said...

now there you've lost me..haha

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