Saturday, March 27, 2010

Oh it's like they read my mind

But TBH they're not doing it for me, waaaah topshop you can do better than that!


daisychain said...

wow I kinda like these...which amazes me as I am generally anti clogs.

{ I V Y } said...

haha i think everyone prefers the chanel originals!

thanks for following!

Alie said...

thanks for your comment ! I follow you now !

vickileestyle said...

totally agree! topshop aren't working the clogs like they should be doing!

kurt geiger and swedish hasbeen clogs are the one! so expensive though :(

Amber said...

Thanks for yout comment! Totally love the clogs!
I follow you!
x amber

Lu said...

I totally agree with you,. Topshop can do much better!

Love clogs though :)


Kat said...

hmmm yes, i think clogs are just difficult full stop..ya these are okay..but i can only imagine how uncomfortable they would be to wear!

ólöf said...

I totally agree..I don't like this

actually I just don't like the "new hot" clogs that are showing up everywhere..I really don't...and even the Chanel made a mistake I think..I mean..I loved the Spring/Summer 2010 fashion show..but I hated the clogs..I hope that I won't ever wear this..haha (because sometimes fashion opinion changes through time..

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