Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Modern Capsule Wardrobe

modern day capsule
Lately I have been thinking a lot about clothes that just seem to stick around and have become somewhat part of a modern day capsule wardrobe. I see my wardrobe as something to build on and realise some purchases have enhanced my already existing items greatly. There are also some disposable quick fix items but mostly I like to have things I feel I can wear forevs. So I hit up polyvore and put together some items which I think make good wardrobe staples. 
Blazer: this can come in many different forms, boyfriend, fitted, sequin, tweed, navy/military.
Black vest and white vest.
Plaid shirt, never ending greatness really.
Leather jacket in any of its forms.
Leggings: wet look, leather, floral, just beware of those Lindsey Lohan catastrophes!
Trench; a classic.
Cardigan; always handy for throwing over anything, belted being the cardi de jour.
Breton striped top = duh! 
High waisted skirt.
The floral dress is the new little black dress in my eyes.
Denim shorts.
Great pair of heels; I'd vote black.
Converse; I don't even own a pair of these right now but really should.
Flats, flats, flats.
Also jeans, but thats just a given! 

Things that nearly made the list:
A pea coat (navy gold buttons) 
Tshirts, mostly of the logo variety;couldn't find any decent ones on polyvore, but I can never get enough. 
A fur coat.
Biker boots or any boots for that matter.
As for accessories thats a whole new post! Any thoughts on what I have missed out?


Alma said...

tnx for the visit and comment! Loving your blog and these are some great pieces you've chosen!


Tenshi Style said...

I absolutely agree,a wardrobe it's something to build on with items you love and that you will use forever..Well at least until they wear out :)) And the list is perfect.Yes,you should own Converse they are stylish and they make you look cool no matter what.
Tokyo and Seoul Dreams

Maxie said...

hi! thanks for your nice comment
love you header!
great pieces you picked out

Maxie said...

wanna become each others followers?

helen said...

you should definitely throw in an oversized white vneck in there and tights! thanks for the comment babe

helen xx

Clare said...

Those shoes are lovely, I want...

tweet tweet tweet


Aimee said...

thanks for the comment, love the heels!


My Name Is Maia said...

you see, im too a.d.d for a "stable" wardrobe. hhaha. but things like chunky satin miu mius and converse just never go out of style. I also do not own any converse!! were terrible. its so sad. if i were to add anything, it would probs be some doc martens. maybe its just me, but i swear they will never go out of style. the floral dress is one of those things that will always be cute, but im not sure if it will stay "in style" whatever that means. haah. nice post tho! oxox

Contempo Ingenue said...

thanks for your sweet comment, love this post. and of course those miu miu satin heels are to die for!

the contemporary ingenue

xoxo E&L

Kitty said...

Thanks for your comments :) Yeh I thought of Docs too, they have been around a while now. I was just picking things that have been around ages and I think will still be fashionable in 5 years :)

Catherine said...

Great staple items! You pretty much have everything covered.. how about a swingy bag or clutch?

emily viveur said...

thanks for the comment. i love the name of your blog!
these are really good pieces, all classic and not just something that'll be out next season. i want those miu miu heels!


Meg said...

Definitely great things for anyone to have in their wardrobe.

Jennifer Fabulous said...

I totally agree with all your essentials! Especially the ones that barely made your list. Lol. This post makes me wanna go shopping REALLY BAD!! Eep! ;)

Jennifer Fabulous said...

PS. The nails in your previous post are insanely fabulous!!

Sewon said...

I totally want a good pair of jean shorts for this summer! But you know, you always have to have a flatting little black dress!

Haute World said...

Great list of capsule items! I'd just add a normal black or white fitted top/tee and perhaps a white or black blouse/shirt. Basically anything that can be accessorized the hell out of will work. I think shoes deserve their own post though, since there are just too many to choose from ranging from wedges to stilettos to flat sandals. I know I have difficulty narrowing my choices down in that category! ;-)

Nora said...

thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!

nice choices of outfit! me likey! =))


Cindy said...

army jacket! that is such of staple of mine!

Kitty said...

Yeh parka/army jacket definitely should be in there, my bad!

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