Sunday, January 3, 2010

Obsession Of The Week:

I have been delving extensively into the world of blogs the past few months, even more so since starting mine. I have rarely seen many bad/boring ones, especially of the fashion variety. New Years Day, a hangover of such monstrosity that can only be related to this day (the 'what the fuck am I doing with my life' kind) anyway I somehow stumbled upon Straight off the bat it looked boring/too much writing, until I scrolled down and saw a girl wearing an amazing pair of frye shoes (pictured above) it hooked me in to reading, I laughed a little, then kept reading, this turned into 4 hours of laughing and quoting out loud (much to the annoyance of others).
She refers to this as a fashion blog but its so so much more, she basically studies with such detail and wit the fashion sense of the babysitters club books, book by book. It is hands down one of the funniest things I have read in I don't know how long, full of bitchy and dry commentary that took away the worst hangover fear ever and transported me to a world of lol-ing; I hate that term but it had to be done, it is twenty ten now afterall ;)


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